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Wife Out, Curious About Men, Not Getting Any ?

Hi Guys, Straight Acting Men & Curious Men, I'm here for you whether your wife is out, You have always been just a little bit curious or perhaps or your just not getting any. Did I MENTION I have been helping straight boys for over 15 years understand men. I'm here NOW, I will * Treat you like a real man * I will be gentle at times yet firm * I will let you feel what it's like to be with a man I'm not talking about your WIFE here or women; if you want that you got the wrong guy. I will help you with that fantasy; you know the one you secretly think about every now and then about you exploring what it will be like to be with a guy. (Real men need it; not some 5 Minute call; that's for pussy's) YOUR a real man; I'm going to make your tool so wet and horny you will crave me more and more. Each time you take a shower or go to bed; you are going to wonder just a little bit more about men and things you can do them and they can to you. This will just be between us: So go put a fresh pair of underwear on and a nice pair of Jeans. I will play with your cock through your mind and make you so horny.
You never had one like the one I'm going to give you now!

EROTIC GAY HYPNOSIS Clicking Here to Talk with me now LIVE!/>
If I'm not on then email me and I will set a time up with you real soon

GAY ROLE PLAYING Clicking Here to Talk with me now LIVE!/>
If I'm off Line send me an email or LISTEN to my HOT RECORDING JUST 4 MEN BELOW!
30 MIN Hypnosis Sessions to GET YOUR COCK PUMPING
Our Secret at the Gym and Locker Room
Pizza Delivery NO Money COCK 4 Payment
Not your Ordinary Airport Check Point Screening
Straight Acting Till I get your Alone with Me
Guy Next Door 4 Another Guy
Just Great Hot Custom Role Play Recording for You (Email me to order this)
* 15 Minutes of a hot steamy story $35.00
* 30 Minutes of a hot steamy story $60.00
* 60 Minutes of a hot steamy story $100.00
Hypnosis Recordings
(Send Me an Email to Order) * 15 Minutes for a Hot Warm Up $50.00
* 30 Minutes to Grease you up a little more $85.00
* 60 Minutes to really get in your head $140.00
Background: I have been doing hypnosis as a hobby for over 15 years and am quite good at it. I once had a guy pre-cumming for a week till he called me because he wanted it. Every time he was alone whether he was clothed or not; his balls would slowly pump and a little bit of pre-cum would ooze out. Don't think you won't notice within a few hours his short were so wet he though he pissed.
What did he do: Jerk himself off, thought it would stop but I warned him it would not. In fact it now got stronger because he tried to relieve himself and this time he was getting his shorts wet within less than an hour.
(Please understand that if you call my hypnosis line I can't do a session with you in 5 minutes that's why I block callers as its not going to give you any benefit.

New Callers: Allow about 30 Minutes to go under and plant a suggestion
Repeat Callers: Allow about 15 Minutes to go under and 5 minutes to plant a suggestion
Great clients that call me often will go under in just under 5 minutes and the whole call will only be about 15 minutes.
If you don't understand this; than you will not be happy with Erotic Hypnosis or any hypnosis; as you have to want to go under.