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JOI CEI MasturbatriXXX

JOI / CEI = Jerk Off + Cum Eating Instructions

Some men, like you, are drawn to the fantasy of drinking down your own cum. Its the fantasy, that for as good as it feels to squirt a load of sperm that some of that energy or pleasure stays in the cum. That somehow the cum is full of nutrients and vitality, that it might be as pleasurable and meaningful to consume as it is to pump out.

Or maybe you just want to feel like a cum slut as you desperately slurp up your load so you can walk around with a raunchy sperm meal in your belly. Or maybe it’s just practice for when you chug loads from someone else….My name is Mary, your Masturbation Princess, Your Cum Eating Instructor. I love helping and guiding men into swallowing their cum loads. It's my greatest pleasure when a guy tells me that, after years of thinking and fantasizing finally swallows a load.

I am here for you when you desire more complete and profound pleasures. We will focus our conversation and our efforts on your masturbation and only your masturbation. Later after you have unloaded we'll work on getting on getting all that spermy goodness down into your tummy !

I hope and want you become increasingly comfortable and thirsty for your own jizz. Maybe you are an accomplished swallower who regularly drinks your own masculine juice, maybe you never have been able to go through with it and you want and need it more than anything - or maybe the idea and fantasy of it is just a huge, huge turn on for you.

I’m here for you- urging you, encouraging you, offering praise and instructions on how to get that load down. I love, love, lovehelping and making men eat their own sperm.

There are a lot of games we can play and things we can do but the most important rule, the first thing I insist on is: NO CUMMING WITHOUT PERMISSION. Yes, yes, yes I want you cum incredibly hard, for that sperm to shoot so far it splashes on your chest or hits your face. No matter what you are into or what we do you have to give me this. Sure, sometimes you won’t be able to contain yourself and I understand but this is important, you can't be expected to have the discipline to swallow if you can't first control your orgasms.

CEI / Cum Eating Instrucons
You know that you love getting that creamy spermy goodness all down into your tummy when you eat your cum. I'll lure you down the path towards that feeling of your own cum sliding down your throat as you swallow every drop. You also might be one of the men who can and does slurp up and swallow your own loads. You might lick it off your fingers, lift your hips and shoot it into your own mouth - and unless your aim is per I can put you on a nutrition schedule, eat your cum every day? Ten times a week? Do you need some structure in your sperm eating? I want you to get all that sperm, protein, nutrients and ‘vitamin sperm’ back into your body. You know you want it and that you are so very thirsty for it!

There are many ways to consume, the gold standard is getting your hips up nice and high so your cock is over your face and shoot right into your mouth, spraying cum all over your tongue and the back of your throat. Sure some will hit your lips and your cheeks but you’ll lick all that up quick. Some guys like giving themselves a facial and getting jizz all over their face and then go for a walk. The sperm will get absorbed into your skin so no one will know except you. And you will burn in your heart knowing that you are a public sperm face.

The Second is licking it off your fingers, slurping and licking it off the palm of your hand. Then its like a cummy ice cream cone your. Some guys have a plate they use to catch the cum and then lick and lap it up.

Third, Jizz into a cup of juice (fruit juice works well), stir and chug like a frat boy. You won’t see or taste it all you have to do is focus on the gulping. This is a wonderful way to get your first load down. Keep doing this and it’ll become second nature and you can start having less juice then switch to cumming into water and less water until you can eat the cum pure and undiluted.

But there are so many ways, keep a bottle or cup in the freezer and keep cumming until you build up a nice thick layer of jizz. Imagine how raunchy you will feel when you add some ice tea and chug 20 or 30 or 50 loads of cum. I have one guy who cums into a thermos or sometimes on his sandwich and then takes it to work. Then, right there in front of all his coworkers consumes his cum.

The most perverted way of taking your own cum it not even to eat it but squirt into a condom (oh, and condom drinking is always a fun game!) and then take out your dildo and pour the full condom into your open anus and then slam the jizz all nice and deep into your hips with the dildo. Not many guys can pull that one off, super advanced but everyone needs to have goals.

Custom Audios Available JOI / Jerk Off Instructions CEI / Cum Eating Instructions Anal Stimulation Denial / Cages / Keyholding and so much more, I yearn to help you reach ball busting orgasams !