Phone Sex

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Did I hear something?
Call my Ignore Line today and let me rape your wallet like never before!
My name is Liza Squirtz, and you are not worthy of my presence.
I'm in a different league of people altogether.
You... you are beneath me.
You are unworthy.
Were you born with the curse of being a man?
If so, then I'm talking about you.
You'll never know the glory of being a woman.
But you can appreciate a Queen in her total glory.
I don't have to tell you how unworthy you are.
You already know you are scum - admit it.
You don't have to call me and have me humiliate you - you're a real deal class act low life person.
Show me how unworthy you are by calling my PLATINUM Ignore line.
I will ignore you and drain your wallet so fast that you will cry.
This feels right to you - because you are a man.
You're unworthy of anything you've ever received in your life because of your gender.
So, give it to me.
Give it all to me.
Slowly, but quickly.
Your wallet is mine.
You won't even understand why you're doing it.
All you know is that you will NEED to do this.
You need to be ignored, humiliated, degraded, raped...
Who would you be otherwise?