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Miss Kimora Vaughn

Mature Disciplinarian -Spanking, caning, roleplay



Let's talk about it....

My availability varies daily. If I'm not already on, email me and we should be on the phone together, just you and I, within 5 mins.

--Would you like to speak with a lifestyle Disciplinarian who truly can identify with your need for a spanking?
--In need of an online spanking because you're not able to visit my location?
--Do you want to learn how to persuade your spouse/SO to spank you?
--Would you like to get better acquainted prior to your session with me?
--In need of stern scolding and/or assigned line writing?

--Have a potty mouth and need your mouth washed out with soap?
--Do you need to communicate with someone who share your interest and understand Domestic Discipline, judicial, role play, behavior modification, and many forms of spanking?

We may also discuss the true reason behind your desire to be spanked.

Alluring, intelligent, and very well-versed in the art of discipline and punishment.

--Are you a sissy or desire to become one?
In need of BBC training?
Chasity & key holding?
--Do you have desires of worshipping a beautiful ebony Goddess and you're in need of slave training?

If you are naughty during your session I may require you to hold a bar of soap in your mouth while I spank you. You squirm during your spanking and I will restrain you. If you cry or scream my used panties will be stuffed in your mouth to muffle the sound.

Would you like to know what happens next?

I AM the Alpha female you've dreamed of and secretively desire.

A list of several transgressions including but not limited to:


>Excessive tv watching or game playing

>Misbehavior at home or at work.

>Excessive masturbaton.

>Overeating causing weight gain.

>Your wife caught you wearing her panties / lingerie.

>Addictions; Sex, porn, alcohol, gambling, cigarettes, drugs

>Overindulgence of any behavior

>Being rude and disrepectful to someone

>Poor work performance, can't seem to stay focused.

>Peeping in neighbors windows

>Poor performance sexually with your wife/ girlfriend

>Obsessive thoughts or behavior

What are your misdeeds which require my stern discipline?

Whether it's an authentic misconduct or a roleplay, I am the Disciplinarian to administer the proper correction. I have a punishment for all transgressions.

A few modalities of my corrective discipline:



>Public humiliation

>Line Writing

>Mouth Soaping

>Corner Time



>Domestic discipline

>Ignore you while I go about my daily routine or during one of my discipline sessions.