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Mercenary Domme

Obey My Rules and Give Me Your Money

Voice Sample
Your relationship with Me will be defined by rules.

The first rule is that I control your body, and your orgasm. No exceptions.

The second rule is that you will expect no mercy. Crying makes Me laugh. Begging makes Me deny you longer. Boring confessions and requests make Me up the ante.
The third rule is that I expect your devotion full-time. If you are so lucky as to receive ongoing direction after our call is over, you are expected to comply. Fair-weather submissives need not apply.

There are other rules that you will learn in time, and I will change the rules as I see fit. You will be expected to adhere to them all. There are no exceptions.

This is not My career, and you are not even close to My first priority. My time is very valuable.


  • If you want an answer to your email or an appointment, it must accompany a tribute.
  • If you want to chat with Me, you will have to pay for My ID.
  • If you want an assignment, you must purchase it.

Following My rules is key to establishing an ongoing, long-term D/S relationship. You should familiarize yourself with My wish list.

If you are a loser, you will pay more.
If you are a sissy, you will pay more.
Small dicks pay on a sliding scale.

I do not care if you cannot afford it. That just means that you are not worth My time and attention and therefore deserve to be humiliated when I tell you the shit on My shoe is worth more than you. Go pick a cheap girl instead. For Me to spend any of My energy on you - I expect you to serve Me in All Ways Always - mentally, physically, financially, and more...

Fair warning...I am no nonsense. I do not fuck around. I am hardcore and I can be a stone cold bitch. And for the scared little jackoffs running away because you don't have the balls to call and submit... don't forget to tribute first.