Phone Sex

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My name is Saint Vincent, but I am no Saint. (Oh the irony of my Catholic mother naming me after a saint) I learned about Niteflirt after working at a call center. I answered a lot of different lines & it never got boring thanks to the myriad of men with dirty minds. I am a connoisseur of kinks and I thoroughly enjoy being the vehicle which delivers the customized fantasy and feeds the hungry beast within. You can only deny those urges for so long before they get so pent up that they bubble over and cause you to make bad decisions in your REAL life. Life is short, and it is better with pleasure. I'm 25, 5ft, I weigh 90 pounds. I am an eloquent, intelligent, imaginative seductress. I will tempt you with the poisoned apple & be your accomplice.. Don't be ashamed for thinking those socially unacceptable thoughts...just share them with me and I will give you what you need to keep the beast in you satisfied.