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I really kinda hate it when people call me spoiled. Like that’s when old abandoned food gets all mushy moldy smelly slimy and ...gross. None of that describes me...well I take that back...I am slimy when I wanna be…winkwink

I’m Christen, I’m from Nashville, TN  and I know when they say spoiled they mean a girl who always gets her way and pouts when she doesn't : that’s true but I like the word “ entitled” a wee bit better. Because that is exactly what I am. Entitled to get what I want from you.

When I say I want something. I get it. It has always been that way. It has only gotten sweeter for me the perkier my tits get LOL.

It is so freakin crazy how guys jump as soon as I open my pretty little mouth...even if it is for another bigger and better cock!

They actually LIKE it! So crazy how I found out that guys who like you actually want you to be a slut with other dudes. Its an insane story!  I have not been the same sense.

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Have you been the same since ever since you laid your eyes on a young hot sassy girl like me? Did it make you crave bratty girl phone sex? Did it make you pant for a little brat like me to submit to?

If that was a final exam the answer key would be:


If the answers were any different you would have gotten off of my profile and found some submissive old hag to stroke your little lame cock with.

The crazy thing is the old hag may be the only thing you are worthy of.

Dont jump the gun and think that just because my call button thing says call now that I actually want to talk to you! You might only be good for my ignore line “phone sex”!

Just like most “spoiled” brats I am picky. And you might have to use your asshole or your wallet..or BOTH to get me to give you the time of day...or maybe you can give me your I can crush them with a little CBT phone sex...You know what, what don’t you just give me ALL of the above- another multiple choice option.

I can’t wait to twirl your old dirty man mind around my finger just like I am doing my pretty blonde hair this very second.

I am not just picky, and entitled, I am also impatient. I have waited long enough for a phone sex call from you. the call button and get in touch with me.

Oh, yea- The only time I like quickies is when I am getting my eyebrows threaded. So call with some time on your hands...We have a lot to talk about and you have a lot of orders to obey...with the hot pink pussy of your dreams- Christen.