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Anesthesia Secret

girl school, hypnosis + more :: for betas + sluts

my favorite submissives are sweet sissies, t-girls, & shy girls in the closet. i certainly know how to make you feel like the girl you are, the girl you wish to be--to keep you in your place as my pretty little pet. i know what you need. that goes for you too, seasoned femme sluts, cuckolds, & secret faggots!

whether it is training, longterm gender transition, gender therapy, femdom hypnosis (i am a legit hypnotherapist, and specialize in gender re-assignment), sissification, sissy play, dress-up, homoerotic exploration, roleplay, girl-talk, humiliation, cock-sucking, cuckolding, coming out/confession, internet shopping/shopping trips, chastity, experimentation, or simply a fetish--feminization is one of my favorite niches to explore. my style is strict, supportive, playful, and sensual when one is deserving.

it is an unquestionable calling of mine to deconstruct the hetero-patriarchy by re-routing sexual norms and showing men to their knees. i am a female supremacist and believe the world would benefit greatly if all men took a lesson or two, at the very least, from the goddess. are you humble enough to agree?

as for the rest of you boys, who do not* know your role as a bitch yet; if i deem you worthy, i will show you to your place by offering you opportunities to serve, pleasure, adorn, worship, & obey me--as you pay me to do it. i am an artful domina and certified hypnotherapist; with the combination of my skills, intuition, & hyper-empathy, i have ways in to the channels of both your physical body & psyche you can't even imagine.

you won't shake free from this tiger's mouth & i trust you won't want to. curating psychological and sensory experiences for a submissive is my natural and unsurpassed passion-- the power of choreographing the demise of another, my most intimate pleasure. whether by means of sensuality or cruelty, i gain my power by encompassing you. conversing, staging, exploring: the very act of passing language and breath over your submission to me feeds my command over you and unlocks your depths. i luxuriate in erotic dialogue.

i have truly devoted my life to unlocking the depths of the subconscious through bdsm & psychotherapy, as i find tremendous power, transcendence, and radically life changing potential in these disciplines. i'm imaginative, playful, authentic, compassionate, sensual, & sharp. i have been called a witch, a dakini, a sorceress, and a true face of the goddess. i do not doubt my power; even still, i am undeniably down to earth, open minded, and easy to talk to. you won't even realize the gravity of my force until its pulled you in its undertow. my subtle and poignant methods will undoubtedly push your limits, and leave you begging for mercy & more.

if it is your first time calling me, set aside some time for us to get to know one another. you are encouraged to initiate a chat me with your explicit interests in connecting with me & your boundaries before we talk. this gives me a better idea of whether or not we will find a connection. establishing intimacy is integral to my process--and prefer you do not risk reaching out if you are unable to connect with that concept. i am not an actress, and will not waste yours or my time in inauthentic, uncharged, or insincere conversation. approach me with humility, or you will not get far. ask about my amazon wishlist. gifts & tributes are a great way to get my attention.


*i am NOT available for forced intox, racial degradation, or fat-shaming. don't ask. impatient, hostile, and/or rude callers will be rejected and blocked.