Phone Sex

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I've been working as a Mistress and Certified Hypnotist for five years. Tell me your deepest, darkest secrets and let me use them to unlock your passions. I love getting into your head and taking you on an erotic journey, one in which you belong to me and do everything that I command. You will absolutely love it. Here are some (not all) other ways that I play: Sadomasochism: I am both fascinated and turned on by our relationship to pain, particularly from a neuroscience perspective. Having that said, I am very sensitive to the pain tolerance of those that I am topping and start of quite light, unless requested/signaled to do otherwise. Financial Domination: There is something endlessly enjoyable about a weak man handing over his hard-earned money to me. This makes me very hot and feel very predacious. Role play: Pet play, Punishment for bad behavior, give me a scenario and we'll figure something out Ball-busting/cbt: I've Kneed, punched and kicked balls since I discovered they are a weakness. Hand yours over. Over the Knee: Let me bend you over my knee and give you a nice, long, hard spanking. Impact play: I use flogs, whips, paddles, canes, and my bare hand. My build is often deceptive. I enjoy delivering a series of firm blows with various implements over a prolonged period of time. I sometimes use the pain scale to get a sense of ones tolerance and threshold. Worship: Boot, foot and body worship. It's good for you. ;) Note: I do not grant clients physical access to my sexual organs. Foot Fetish: I have beautiful feet. See my gallery if that wasn't the first place you stopped. I enjoy teasing people with them. I've been told that I am a "submissive foot fetishists dream". Feminization: I love to dress you up. We can go shopping, find sexy clothes(the perfect pantyhose), do our make-up and maybe even go out dancing, or stay in, talk and play. Consulting: As an educator and counselor, have a non-maternal/paternal approach, but am not against these things when they are appropriate. I do not intend to "fix" anyone (because i don't think that people are broken), rather I enjoy studying people and helping them to examine themselves from a nuanced and informed perspective. Couples training: Do you want to dominate, or be dominated by your partner and would like a little help? I happily offer my services(whether it be for educational, comfort or enjoyment/exploratory purposes) to couples wishing to enhance the intimacy of their relationships.