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Do you support the coming Gynocracy?
Sigh, just Google it.

Or, do you already live it?
I most certainly do.
My Beautiful Life!

Many here would be content with being ignored.
But what I would prefer,
is for you to shut the fuck up
while I tell you all about My beautiful life!
I live well, travel often,
surround Myself with comfort,
and everywhere I go,
I take from men like you.
Happy to pay to indulge Me,
you finally feel some worth knowing
the future I will bring.
Change is coming!

$10 a minute to hear a Woman
tell you about a life you could never have?
To talk about the Women in Her life
who you could never approach?
To hear Her views on men, the patriarchy,
and why Women should lead?
$10 a minute?!
What a risky and exciting thing to do,
to give in to your deep desire to serve
an uncaring, aloof, independent Woman.

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"Luscious, lovely, and supported like a Goddess!"
~ NF User 'DevotedFollower'

Feminism is not enough.
FemDom is not enough.
And you know it, don't you?

Women are better suited to lead.
And I am a Leader among Them.
So, let's play!

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"I love Your Gift Boutique, Miss,
I bought everything on the first page for You!"
~ NF User 'PayPaul'

"Men live better where women are in charge."
- Ricardo Coler, Der Spiegel

You know it's true.
You know I am superior.
You know it's best when I lead.
And you know how to get that in your life.

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"Please show me The Way!
I live to serve You!"
~ NF User 'finsub rex'

If you pay for it,
you can stalk Me online!
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"Arrogant, intelligent, and condescending.
Well-traveled and very educated,
our discussion left me content with my place:
Working hard to give Her everything in tribute!"
~ NF User 'Born Beta'