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Roxxxy Cummings

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A Little More About Me

I remember how I felt right before I got my first piercing…I was excited...and nervous as shit!
But I went through with it because I knew what I wanted and why I wanted it... I also knew just how I would feel once the “hard Part was over. I would feel sexy, hot, unique, and I would have faced a fear of mine while being totally rebellious. Most importantly, I would have something to show off...something to show who I really am.
That is how I feel about my new phone sex journey. The hardest part was creating this profile and doing this little write up, but once that is out of the way, I will feel
more sexy, hot, unique, and even more “against the fucking grain.”
It actually annoys me that people look at me...see glasses… and decide that I am some angel. Well, guess what? I am capable of being a little devil too.
But don’t worry, I have no issue taking these specks off if they get in the way of me sucking a cock.
Roxanne is my name, and I am a very decisive kinda girl. I know exactly why I am here.
And that’s because I am a sexual being, and I do want more out of life than what a “smart” girl is supposed to do. Smart girls get laid. That’s my motto… (It really is.)

Now, I am not ashamed of my wit and charm. Neither am I ashamed of my cute ass, perky tits, and slippery hungry cunt. All of these areas need attention. Are you ready to provide that? You better be
I’m from New York and everyone knows we have this...edge to us. I love to show that off both in and out of the bedroom.
My boyfriend is a real doll. Very sweet and he loves to eat my pussy until I scream at the top of my lungs. But somewhere in his mind he thinks he is entitled to more sexual pleasure than me ….just because he is a man.
This was made clear to me when I caught him cheating last summer. I could leave him, but that would be quite hypocritical don’t you agree?
BUT I will show him who is truly entitled alright. That would be me! Roxxy, the one with four sets of lips not two!
You see, I have never really been single on paper, but I have always been a bachelor at heart. All the men I date accept that about one way or another. And I return the favor.
The same applies to you. I have a gift of understanding others desires without judgement. I totally get that you've done shit that gets you off…things that people want you to keep inside.
I want to be the one you spill it with… (Pun intended 100 %.)
I have no idea what all gets your rocks off, but I’d bet money that we both have a real love for hot pussy!
I sooooooo looovvveeeeee cunt! I am actually dating a hot mama right now. We have so much fun together. I love having her mount my strap on and making her squirt hard all over me.

*Just in case you are wondering: my strap-on isn't just for girls…*

If you and I talk long enough, I'll share all kinds of naughty stories with you... (Including the one about when my girl and I got caught fucking around by the boyfriend. That started out horrible and ended horrible….for my sheets that is).
After looking at a few profiles on here, I realized that I have been into quite a few “Phone Sex” things like:
Role Plays
Mutual Masturbation
Now, I am sure there are a zillion more fetishes on here, and I doubt I have an issue with any of them. But there is only one way to find out. Give me a call already! =)
I can't wait to get my feet and cunt even wetter- Chaos, Roxxy