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Venus Scorpia

*NEW* Deeply intimate connections are so arousing and I are in my bed, alone in the dark. The sweet aroma of luxuriously fragranced candles perfumes our bodies. My kiss on your shoulder cools in the night air, but does little to dampen the heat of my ample, soft breasts pressed into your arm. I take your hand in mine, pressing each fingertip against my lips before placing it between my thighs and tightly up against my venus mound. Your fingers sink as deeply into my moist warmth as your body does into the abyss of black silk sheets dissipating all your tension into their coolness.

You can feel me smiling at you in the dark, and anticipate the delightful shiver my soft voice always sends down your spine as I whisper, “What’s on your mind?”

You feel so comfortable with me; sometimes more than you want to be. But, it’s soothing to you, and you need that comfort, so you don’t fight it. You squeeze my inner thigh just to make sure that you are really here...that I’m real...and that you can let go of your concerns and be yourself.

Everywhere in your life, someone expects you to be something - the strong leader, the dutiful mate, the well-planned facilitator. Even when you seek out the occasional fun of a delightful voice on the other end of the line, or a pretty face on the screen, she still expects something of you. Be the stoic dominant, or the ever-pleasing submissive. Be the sweet daddy who spoils, or the ruthless sadist who punishes. Know exactly what you want, and be that.

But do they know you? Do they know why you need to be any of what your fantasies call for? Do they understand what is behind the veil of your imagination? Would they judge you if they really understood why you play those roles...why they excite you...why they soothe you?

But that’s why you are here with me in the dark. I listen to you. I allow you to just be you - The pleasure of you...the pain of you...the complexities of you. When you come and talk to me about what’s on your mind, I take you all in with a softness that surpasses the pleasure of my body pressed against you. I receive you with ecstasy that is palpable. You are my enjoyment, and I am the dark.