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Venus Scorpia

It's not just your fantasies that turn me on...

I'm a very sensual, young-at-heart woman who craves intimacy and connection of not just our bodies, but also our minds. I love to talk about and listen to life stories, experiences, thoughts and opinions, and I am definitely a sapiosexual with a love of the quirky and unconventional. Some of my most enjoyable moments are lying in bed naked, flowing with a conversation that goes from the nature of consciousness to some of my favorite TV shows like 'Westworld' and 'Legion'. But it doesn't have to get super deep; we can keep things fun and light while we enjoy each other's company. I love the build-up of an easy chemistry and flow of conversation with someone as it turns from casual to more personal and sexual. I get so wet for unique, creative, deeply personal sexual revelation. I'm not judgmental of the many fantasies and fetishes we have, because I enjoy every juicy drop of my own salacious sexual nature. I don't judge the flexibility of my sexuality, so I will not judge yours. I have experimented freely with my sexual energy - from threesomes and sex club parties, to intimate lovemaking so intense and vulnerable it changed my life. So, I look forward to sharing carefree, fun, interesting and enjoyable conversations that leave us both satisfied and maybe a bit breathless. and I are in my bed, alone in the dark. The sweet aroma of luxuriously fragrant candles perfumes our bodies. My kiss on your shoulder cools in the night air, but does little to dampen the heat of my ample, soft breasts pressed into your arm. I take your hand in mine, pressing each fingertip against my lips before placing it between my thighs and tightly up against my Venus mound. Your fingers sink as deeply into my moist warmth as your body does into the abyss of black silk sheets dissipating all your tension into their coolness.

You feel so comfortable with me, and it’s soothing to you. You squeeze my inner thigh as you relax, knowing you can let go and be yourself.

Here in the dark with me, there is no pressure. There's no need to perform or be anything but yourself - the pleasure of you...the pain of you...the complexities of you. You can relax and take in the pleasure of fun, stimulating, sensual and erotic conversation. You are my enjoyment, and I am yours.