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Tell me about getting it in the ass--you want to

I want to hear all about it.

Tell me about your first time, when you were so scared and so excited. When it hurt and then it filled you sooooo good.

Tell me about all the ways you find it and the relationships you've had--the Craigslist strangers, the gloryholes, your wife's bull, being the party fucktoy, the biggest and best you've taken. The one you fell in love with: you can't get him out of your head (and honestly, your heart).

Does this mean you're gay? Bi? Does that scare you? Thrill you? Do you already know who and what you are and understand the meaninglessness of labels?

Haven't got your courage up yet? Maybe you're bi-curious. Or you dream about forced bi. Let's talk about your desires and fantasies; about how you'd like me to watch you.

Maybe you'd prefer to talk about my nice big strap on ... or (sweet smile here) the bigger one. You can be my good girl, my faggot-ass slut, or just the guy who likes to take it up the ass. Maybe you'd like to be my virgin, as I lead you sweetly, gently, and then passionately through your first strap on fuck.

Now I'll tell you something about myself--I take everyone at face value. The occupational hazard of having been a psychotherapist for so many years. So if you tell me, seriously, that you desire cock or that you love to suck cock, I will seriously listen to you talk about it. If you want me to belittle you, humiliate you, and tell you what a gay little faggot you are, you've gotta give me a hint! Because treating people that way isn't in my basic nature. I'm an awesome listener but an awful bitch.

Are you ready?


Did I make your life just a little bit better?

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