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Service for Financial Addicts

Financial therapy on Cam. Face to Face interaction

Welcome to my listing! Are you here, seeking my help and therapy because you concerned you may have a financial domination addiction, masturbation addiction, phone sex addiction, pornography addiction, or substance addiction such as alcohol or poppers? It is possible that your addiction might also be more specific in nature as to a particular fetish like 'Raise the Rate' games, Blackmail, intoxication, Rinsing, or PTV buttons. This can be very destructive to your well being.

I can help you determine if you have a sexual addiction:

If you are worried that you may have one of of the previously mention addictions, or even one that I did not list, first ask yourself…

Does my behavior create a problem for me by interfering with my personal life, time with my family or friends, marriage, or job etc.? Do I have difficulty concentrating at work? Do I still have time to spend on my other hobbies or with my family or friends? Does my significant other complain about my behaviors?

Have my sexual behaviors created a barrier between myself and my significant other? Have I spent more than 50 percent of my “recreational money” on porn, phone sex, etc.? If you answered “yes” to ANY of these questions you likely have a problem.

Are you able to cum when not engaged in, or thinking about your fetish or fantasy? Can you cum from “vanilla” sex or masturbation? If you answered “no” to any of these questions you likely have a problem.

The good news is there is help. I specialize in treatment and therapy for all the mentioned addictions and more. Some of these subjects might be embarrassing for you to discuss in a traditional office type setting so this is why I have set up a listing here. Therapy is most effective when you are in comfortable surroundings. Please reach out to me today. I am here to help.

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