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NEW Domination Coaching & Advice 4 NiteFlirts Only

***This Is NOT A Standard Phone Sex Line***

This line is NOT for jerking off! This is NOT for male curiosity! Any male clients calling for dial-a-wank will be (politely, but swiftly) disconnected. I hope that's crystal clear!

This line is for Niteflirts Only!
Specifically, ANY Flirt who is into self-development and wishes to improve their telephone sex/ domination technique. I do not discriminate, and will help ANYONE who calls me (including male/ trans/ agender flirts).

I believe in sharing knowledge and helping others help themselves, therefore, I don't hold back any information when it comes to training and guiding others.

I am a British phone domination coach, with 5.5 years (and counting...) of solid phone sex and phone domination expertise (not all here, obviously)! I started on a busy phone sex dispatch service in the U.K. and I received phone sex training there in the early days, before going independent.

I'm a former telesales consultant, team leader and trainer, with almost 18 years experience in those areas combined. So, I understand how do get the best out of people and guide them to develop their phone strengths and eliminate problem areas.

You may already be a fantastic, natural, vanilla PSO, but you may also struggle with certain domination topics. Even though you may not advertise a domination service, you're bound to get the odd client asking for domination themes (even those clients who claim they're not into BDSM/ fetish etc.).

There is a LOT of confusing jargon and acronyms within the BDSM/ fetish/ domination world. This can seem overwhelming at times.

Add to that, most clients have had these secret fantasies in their heads for so long, that they struggle to articulate them clearly to you, but they expect you to know exactly what to say anyway, and within the first minute of the call!

So, you have to play the guessing game, and perhaps you get it completely wrong, or under-perform in those instances. Maybe those calls are ridiculously short, or they never return to you as a result.

For example; a client calls and immediately says: "I want TPE... Go!" or "Mind fuck and brainwash me! Take control... Go!" or a bizarre fetish like "I'm into tickle torture + blackmail... Do it now!" (I had all three of these recently - they went very well!)

So... do you freeze? Do you turn them away, saying "that's not my thing, sorry!"?

How do you create, and stay in, a particular dominant character (even if it's an extension of yourself)?

How well do you switch between characters?

How well do you lead and take control of the call, as a dominant person (and still keep it sexy)?

How do you role play and create specific scenes and scenarios so that they are both compelling and engaging for your client?

A lot of people think domination is simply make-it-up-as-you-go-along chat with no technique involved. This is not true at all. There are both basic and complex skills you can learn/ hone to enhance your domination offerings.

It's really amazing how much there is to phone domination - and phone sex in general... Whetting the client's appetite, and engaging him; instilling confidence that you can deliver exactly what he's asked for (and more!); establishing a firm connection within the first minute of the domination call - even if you're unsure of what he wants!; the two golden rules to hook a client (and reduce/ prevent hang ups); certain techniques to make your calls last longer (over 20 minutes); the many, many ways domination differs to vanilla chat; skills for teasing, guiding, and even denying orgasm - while still satisfying your client; using your instincts and intuition with callers (especially shy/ reticent ones); building intimacy with clients (without giving anything of yourself away); staying sane whilst skillfully dealing with taboos... And so much more!

Would you like to expand your domination repertoire, or do you feel like you've plateaued, and want to have a skills refresh? Perhaps I'll give you some new ideas, and that may be the difference that makes the difference!

I don't do a one-size-fits-all approach for coaching, just like I don't do that for my regular phone clients. I offer a bespoke (that is, tailor-made) coaching service with your specific needs at the heart of it. You may gain a fresh perspective on phone domination - even if you've already been doing this for a while.

Please call only when you have listed those specific questions or topic areas you'd like to work on ready. We can analyse, role play, dialogue and discuss - whatever style works best for you.

Note: if you don't feel comfortable speaking with me (I can't think why - I am approachable!), I could create a custom MP3 for you, or perhaps answer your questions in Live PTV emails instead. That way, you can still take phone calls while you improve your skills!

I'm usually available between 5am and 5pm EST. I look forward to receiving your call ;-)