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Lumina Litely


My name is Lumina, or Lumie for short. Honorifics are reserved for scenes, and long term servants or partners.

I am a REAL life style domme, who eagerly waited for her 18th birthday to join... various BDSM networking sites ;) who dreamed of being accepted into the scene, into kink societies, of exploring her natural talent for commanding the attention and intrigue of others. Those fantasies are now my reality.

I can best be described as a cute college girl who has realized her destiny, and her natural place in this world-.

Subjugating and exploiting eager submissives, fetishists and masochists for her own gains and pleasure. I am a collector, of experiences, of stories, of people. If you want to make yourself a noteable mark in my journey, it is best to make yourself both useful and entertaining, and as soon as possible.

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Recently, I turned 21, and after three years in the scene solely for My own enjoyment and catering to My own desires and whims, I know that this is something that should be more than just an enjoyable hobby.

Why should a young, attractive, compellingly intelligent and wonderfully magnetic lady such as myself have to dedicate any of her precious time to ANYTHING besides building up a well-stocked stable of mindfucked toys? So many remarkable, beautiful women do not realize or actualize their Dominant nature until so much later in life. I was given the unique and precious opportunity to realize the birthright of a commanding, interesting woman while still in my teens.

The two of us will get along just fine as long as you show basic respect and decency. Politeness is key. My youth does not translate into me being a stereotypical "brat" domme. I can be cute and sweet and silly, but I have a mind. I know how to use it. If you're looking for some whiny little airheaded doll to flip you off and coddle your ego, you've come to the wrong woman. Now that that's out of the way...


  • Impact Play(spanking, caning, flogging, CBT, slapping, ect.)
  • Humiliation/Degradation
  • Sensation Playice play, wax play, knife play, ect.)
  • Hypnosis and Reprogramming
  • Chastity Control (keyholding, chastity challenges/games, ect.)
  • Giving Confessions
  • Bondage (ESPECIALLY rope bondage and escape challenges)
  • Begging
  • Petplay (ESPECIALLY with kitties, puppies, bunnies and ponies~. NO REAL BESTIALITY. EVER!!!)
  • Crossdressing/Gender Play (NEVER as humiliation)
  • Intellectual Conversation
  • Squirming Uncomfortably
  • Deconstruction
  • Leather, Lace and Latex
  • Co-Topping for Couples
  • Corsets
  • Anal, Oral or Vaginal Training
  • Cuckholding
  • Findom/Financial Domination
  • Diet Domination
  • Hearing About My Exploits
  • Kinkshaming (I despise pedos, rapists, abusers and racists, and if you and your fantasies fall into one of those categories, I want to make you SUFFER, beyond what your weak little mind is capable of processing or imagining)
  • Having a Pretty Girl Make You Scream and Cry
  • Roleplaying (I am quite creative and love flipping and twisting common tropes~)

You don't have to be into EVERYTHING I'm into, but if there aren't at least a few mutual interests, I'm probably not the right Dominant for you. If you have a specific fetish that you do not see listed, please feel free to contact Me to see if it is something that intrigues me. I have often been complimented for my creativity when Dominating others. Peak my interest and you are likely to have an experience like no other.


  • ANYTHING involving vomit or feces.
  • ANYTHING regarding the abuse of animals or children
  • NO Raceplay (I REFUSE to use racial slurs, and I do NOT discriminate in who I play with!)
  • NO "No Limits" Subs. We both know it's code for being lazy and indecisive, I have no time for you.
  • NO Dom/mes Trying to top me. I have NO INTEREST in you, move on.

NOTE: In my time in the scene, I have played with, and on occasion found myself being served by; two professors, one PHD student, a handful of businessmen, one minor-league baseball player, three prominant tech mogals, and several relatively established writers, musicians and artists-. In short, despite my age I am able to conduct myself with discretion, and handle sensitive personal information without the need brag about or otherwise out my playmates. I find it particularly thrilling to control and play with people of prominence and power. If that description fits you, it is much more likely that I will not tire of you so easily.

Public humiliation of any kind ALWAYS needs to be properly begged- and tributed- for.