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Discipline & Love Me; Make Me Beg and Ache

I'm simply whatever you need me to be. I'm your Kitten, Baby, Sugar Plum, Pumpkin, Chocolate Drop. I'm the Fantasy you've been waiting to have. Call and punish me if I'm bad, reward me if I'm a good girl. Use & Abuse every delicate little part of me
do's & dont's I adore GFE, Roleplay, Bdsm & JOI. I am open to a lot of things, except RACE PLAY, UNDERAGE / PEDOPHILIA, FECAL / URINE PLAY, SISTERLY / MOTHERLY TABOO. There may be others, so you're more than welcomed to ask me, love

.&pre-described role plays Here are a few scenarios I adore. Please feel free to message me if there's anything you'd like to add or change about the plot before the call. If none of these scenarios catch your attention, again, message me before the call to discuss what you'd like. I'm always happy to please and be whatever you need to get you nice and hard

business trip - You're quite the working man, aren't you? A hectic business schedule keeps you away from home nearly weeks on end. From the plane flights and hopping hotel to hotel room, to the meetings, conference calls, and number crunching, you hardly have any time to yourself. You're exhausted -- body aching and mind in a tither when you finally get home. A sigh of relief escapes your lips, and your shoulders sink once you've closed the door behind you. You call to your Precious Kitten, only to not hear a reply. Curiously you walk up the stairs and head to your bedroom, and what do your tired eyes see . . .?

Your Chocolate Drop. She sits atop a large bed, lewdly sprawled across dark, satin bed sheets. Her brown skin, supple and oiled, glimmers under the soft flicker of candle light. She's wearing your favorite lingerie -- purple lace caressing her ample breasts, round plump ass, and every other dip and curve to her petite frame. Sultry brown eyes catch yours when you stand at the bedroom door -- already feeling the throb of your thick cock from the delectable sight -- and you hear her voice tenderly purr, "Welcome Home."

head & breakfast - It's just a quarter pass eight in the morning and you're still in bed when your Little Pumpkin saunters into the bedroom. She's wearing nothing but an apron and high heels. Her bare bubbly chocolate ass jiggles as she walks towards the bed, and she carries a silver platter with a hot and delicious breakfast spread -- eggs, bacon, toast and jelly with coffee just how you like it.

"Rise and shine," she sweetly whispers. You hardly budge, still in such a deep sleep. Yet someone's up bright and early, that thick hard dick of yours. It throbs, moving under those sheets just enough for your Sugar Doll to notice. Kitten knows what'll wake you up. . .

dinner & a show - As the popular business man that you are, often are you invited out to some of the most elaborate get togethers with friends and colleagues -- this time it's simply for dinner. You decided to have your Sugar Doll on your arm tonight, but it wasn't just for her to win over your business partners with her looks, class, and elegance. No, this was for her punishment and your entertainment. A few days ago had you caught your Little Princess sticky handed. You heard her sweet little moans echoing from the bedroom, calling your name as dainty fingers plunged into her drenching wet cunt and others hurriedly flicked over her swelling clit. Her supple nipples hard, breath heavy as she bit her bottom lip. She ached for your touch while you were away on business, and went against your orders of not touching herself until you were home. She's been a bad girl, and now its time you teach her a valuable lesson.

You sit around the dinner table with some of your colleagues, briefly discussing business and making small talk. You've made Kitten wear a remote controlled vibrator, it already teasing her sweet spot, and wetting her lacey panties under neath her skin tight dress. Kitten sits across from you so you can have full view of her expressions. She's at your mercy as you discreetly use the remote to control the vibrations of the dildo.

" Please," she breathily whimpers from across the table.
Control her, Humiliate her in front of all your friends, Make her beg for your forgiveness