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Hey my name is Henry but you can call me Legendary cause that's the experience you'll be left with. I'm 25 and I'm the man you've always fantasized about. My background and experiences allow me to fulfill your every fantasy, I started off as a volunteer firefighter, then went to EMS as a paramedic. But having the hero complex I did I joined the Army and became a military police officer. If you love a man in uniform I have them all. Ever wonder what it's like to sneak into the fire house andesign watch a fireman strip on the pole before throwing you on one of the beds and eating you until you ride your orgasm like a wild roller coaster. Ever think about having EMS show up to check on you after a jog and during my physical exam of your sexy body I lay you down in the back and give you a booster shot deep in your pulsing pussy. How about the favorite your driving past a military base and your going a little fast when you see blue lights in your rear view. You pull over and a soldier that says MP on his sleeve walks up and in a matter of minutes you go from explaining why you were speeding to being in handcuffs bent over the front of a cop car as I penetrate deep in you. These are just a few of the things I'd love to talk to you about but I'm very open and very kinky if you tell me what excites you i promise I can make you orgasm with the sound of my voice and the vivid images I'll create in your mind, I may even show you a few things you didn't know excited you. I can't wait to speak to you baby. Don't keep me waiting to long. I'm here usually from 11pm-530am EST but sometimes I'm on more so give me a call.