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I'm a Pisces. They say we are a bit gullible and naive. Maybe they are right. But they are wrong if they think I want to get rid of those qualities...

Hi, Im Gabie. And it is something about trusting and connecting that I love.

Can I trust you? To take perfect advantage of me and my body?

I sure hope I can!

You see, I have had a great deal of control my entire life. My parents always let me call the shots and so did everyone else in my life.

My teachers...boyfriends...everyone.


Because I'm cute smart and blonde I automatically get 'privilege' and all the "Say-So"

Well, I am tired of having all the "say so" in my life. I want a man who is bold enough to challenge me and man enough to take care of me in the process.

Another aspect that has added to my dominance is my perceived "innocence".

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That was always the funniest part of all of this. All I have to do is pout and bitch and everyone acts like docile little zombies...

Everyone thinks I wanna be in control when I really wanna be CONTROLLED!

I wanna be the zombie...I want to be the one following your lead...

I want to be told how and when to touch my cunt. I want to be punished if I disobey. I want to sit back and have my master take me on a long mind fuck journey. I want to do as I am after call...

Just because I have never had anyone tell me what to do...doesn't mean I am not good at taking orders...

Now, there are a few things about me that are important to know:

1. I may be blonde but I am highly intelligent. ( Don't worry I am good at acting like I am not if that's what gets you off.)

2. I am a superb conversationalist. I am extremely interested in getting to know my new master. I want to listen to you for hours on end. I must know what you love and why you love it so I can be the best subbie ever. Trust me, I'll be much more engaged once I have spent sometime getting to know you and you me. I may not know exactly what to expect (I am new to phone play) but I do expect a true connection with you...Orders with no conversation will get you no where with me.

3. It has always been a fantasy of mine to have a boyfriend experience with a real alpha man who loves to take charge...What would it feel like to be put in chastity for a few days for disobeying?

Is that you?

Are the man to discipline me when I am bad and reward me when I am a good little girl? Your good little girl?

I have something to prove...I want to show you just how dirty I can be...I want to learn new things...I want to explore brand new fantasies...I want to like what you like...Simply put...I want to be OWNED.

Do you have what it put this little blonde puffy pussy in its proper place?

Guide me...mold me onto the perfect sub for you...
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