Phone Sex

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I want what’s in that wallet. Credit cards, cash, whatever makes my life more opulent and causes you sacrifice. I will methodically drain you of dollar after dollar and the more I take the more you’ll give. The joy and arousal I’ll feel knowing that you’re giving up meals and entertainment and even necessities to provide for me. When I see your call coming through, I slowly pull on a pair of long leather gloves, tight and supple against my fingers, the finest leather for the finest Goddess. I wake each morning as The Black Widow. Powerful, seductive, alluring and deadly. I will weave a silken web around you to the point you have no escape. As it wraps tighter and tighter around you, your sense of submission becomes overwhelming. You cannot say "no". You cannnot resist even though your instincts tell you to. Your arousal is deeper and longer than anything you've ever felt and the desire for Me permeates your very essence. My voice will enrapture you, my images will excite you and my presence will devour you. I will slowly turn your body in my web, making each silk strand tighter around your will. My desires are your desires. Your mind will race with thoughts of how you may please me and I will be your singular focus. When I allow release, you will say my name. You will make me your Goddess, you will confess all your perverse desires and you will open up the dark recesses of your mind so I may exploit them. There is not a day that goes by that I do not live the persona of the Black Widow. I only wear the finest leather, the most exquisite thigh high boots, the tightest leather gloves. Do you dare crawl into My web? You cannot resist. Your body and mind tell you that this is the most wonderful pleasure you can imagine or experience. Submit to The Black Widow.