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So You Think You're Worthy of Ms Laura?

Get over here NOW, and drop to your knees, worm! That’s right, you’re a worm. You’re not even worthy of a name. You’re just a subject that comes to me when you need to unload the pressure of being in charge or being a man for that matter. Why do you come to me when it gets tiresome being a man? Because you and I both know the truth. The truth is that men are the weaker sex; you can’t even handle the role of pretending to be in charge. Well, can you handle the toe of my spiked stilettos up your asshole?!? Kneel with your prostrate before me, slave! Don’t even think about looking up at me. I haven’t granted you that privilege yet, and maybe I won’t. Now, keeping your head down, go get your punishing tools. Get those hair brushes, the belt, the kitchen instruments that I like, such as the spatula, and the meat mallet. Lay them out before me at my feet. I want you to inventory them ALL out to me verbally, tell me which one I should use on you first, and tell me why you deserve for me to waste my physical energy upon your body? CALL ME NOW, SISSY!!!!