Phone Sex

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Ignored so hard, you'll doubt your own existence

To benefit my life is to create a reason that you are here.

To fill a void so to speak in your life, that only a true Goddess could fill. I am not your typical Domina, I work, I have a social life, I have men in my life who can please me in ways you could only dream of.

Aw now; do not be sad little one, just because you cannot and will not please me with that thing between your legs does not mean you cannot please me in a plethora of other means.

Being that I am a busy woman I am constantly on the go and always moving. Do you still want to please me? Do you still want to be a part of my day? Of course you do ;)

This line is for those who simply just need to be around me. I could be cooking a delicious dinner for me and my man, I could be working out, I could just be sitting there on my laptop perusing items I would like to buy.

What will you be doing? I simply do not care, you can cry and beg and plead but this is an IGNORE line…not a chat with you about your day line. You are paying to simply be in my presence. You are paying to not have my attention.

That sounds fair doesn’t it? Remember the keys to your life are “Happy Domina is a happy life!”.

They say that it’s the little things that mean the most, well imagine how much it would mean to you if I simply gave you nothing?

Perfect you say? Oh I know.

Goddess Lexxi