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Get my attention, why do you deserve to worship me

Seeking a pet, and slave to cherish, worship me, and make me happy. You're here to benefit me. 1) Gifts 2) Tithes 3) Tributes Gifts The life of a slave is devoted to making sure your Mistress is well taken care of and desires nothing. Gifts are offered by slaves to please their Mistress while fulfilling their responsibility as a slave. A Mistress will usually provide a list of items she desires, offering her slaves the possibility to earn her attention. On occasion, a Mistress may decide to grant a special opportunity to a lucky slave by notifying him of a specific desire she wishes to be fulfilled. Tithes Worship of your Mistress is shown by your tithes among other things. Your faithful Tithes, willingly placed at her feet, are the foundation of true worship and ownership. As soon as you receive your regular earnings, 10% is to be immediately sent to your Mistress as your Tithe with no exceptions! It is insulting to your Mistress when those who wish to serve and be owned by her attempt to send her their leftovers instead of their full required Tithe. A true slave would never dream of tending to his own needs before sending a Tithe to his Goddess. Tithing will become such an important part of your worship of your Mistress, that you will impatiently await your payday, so you can experience the satisfaction of laying your next Tithe at her feet. Tributes Tributes are spur of the moment, impulsive offerings as a natural result of the constant building desire and burning need to please your Mistress, and express your adoration for her. While Tithing is a consistent offering sent on a schedule, Tributes are spontaneous offerings used to express your devotion and desire to please your Mistress. Tributes are also a Mistress's way of wielding her power to exert control over a slave. Mistresses love to manipulate their slaves, to demand your worship, to trigger that need inside of you, to fan the flames of a burning desire, and watch you beg to offer Tribute. The sheer power a Mistress wields is immensely satisfying, and if your begging pleases her, she may actually allow you to send Tribute. If not, she will happily enjoy the pleasure of making you suffer.