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Therapy Queen Jenny

♥ Findom Mind Fucker & Wallet Surrender Listing ♥

Only a dominant women knows what to do with you!

You acknowledge my superiority while I get to pick through your mind and your wallet; and you with your hard cock in your hand. You love the dizziness and there is no better high for you than spoiling your Queen through surrender of financial control and opening up of your most intimate parts.

My pleasure is your pleasure and you want so much to give in. You need to be pleasing to a dominant woman and put a smile on my face. I just purr to the pretty power that gets passed my way when I become your financial dominant it's a different and special kind of sexual turn-on!

You enjoy chatting about your naughty perverse fetish adventures and have some kinky confessionals that you desperately want to share with your Femdom Therapy Queen!

Call Me Now and get to Clicking on my collection of findom availabilities for games, Tributes, and gifts for power exchange demonstrations between you and I:


Daily Mind Washing Mantra Tribute Devotional:

Submissives crave a certain kind of communication that leaves a wash of the brain, thus a much-needed mantra and femdom-dose to set the stage for the day. Clicking and reading your daily mind washing mantra Tribute devotional in this message is certainly a testament to your transformation as an owned therapy pet.


Roses for your Therapy Queen:

The warm flush comes over you when you desire to be in a relationship with your Queen! The pleasurable thoughts of impressioning upon me how deep you need to surrender compel you to turn rosy all over. Confess, chat, connect with your Seductive Queen! Become more intimate with me.


Double Down Porn Bet:

This double-down porn-bet strengthens your commitment to becoming my owned masturbatory pet.


Scholarship Boost Button:

Educational support and commitment opportunity for expense coverage scholarship. Serve with the pleasure of higher learning expenses tended to by your wallet tribute. Expense report included inside.


Love of Addiction:

I am your Therapy Queen and you adore being ADDICTED to clicking my LOVE button! Women belong on Top and men serve shaking and pumping.. masturbating mind-fucking intensity... Depraved and degrading triggers own your jerk off fantasies... Giving in is so therapeutic for you... Click to Buy Into your Surrender!



Serious findom-lusting wallet busting fiending addicts need a major bell ringing button to click for those big hits so this was made for you. The multi-sensory crave to be mind-screwed in female dominant control is what will compel you to click, pay, and obey. The post-coital overloaded bliss of this button-fuck delights your subspace.


Cash Slave Drain Game:

It's an Intoxicating feeling for the both of us when this cash game begins... Top space for Me and the Oh-So-Used-and-Drained-Slave-Space, for you... time to click and pay!


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