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Ebony Goddess Dominating Beta Males

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Welcome you little hoe. Get down on your knees and start begging to worship me. Males serve only one purpose in my GODDESS life- being my play toys for me to use as I please. I have you by the balls already bitch, so read on...

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1. Do not call me Mistress. Refer to me as Goddess Rosie, Goddess or Princess Rosie. Greet me properly when you call.

2. Indulge me and tell me your fetishes/fantasies. Let me get inside your freaky little mind.

3. I'm smarter than you, more attractive and I get whatever I want. You are a lowly male human. You are trash next to me. I am SUPERIOR. Burn this into your mind! Memorize it!

4. DON'T BORE ME. I will HANG UP ON YOU loser.

5. Be a respectful little wanker. You are talking to your superior.