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Hypnosis For Only The Most Willing Subs

Are you curious about the depths of your own depravity? Looking for a deep dive into your own fucked up feelings?

It’s going to get brutal for you.

I get bored, you know? I want someone interesting, not just someone who thinks my dream is listening to them jerk off into my ear.

I may or may not have recently been described as “single minded to the point of ruthlessness” in a professional capacity. Let’s make good use of that in this recreational capacity, now. I WILL laugh at you. Expect cruelty.

No one here is fucking around with amateur hour hypnosis. That side show nonsense is ridiculous, so I made a point to receive my training in hypnosis from an internationally certified sex educator.

Limitless recreational humiliation from a brutal bombshell? Sounds like a great time, doesn’t it? You’re pretty confident in yourself as a sub, I can tell. You think you’re ready.

Bless your heart.

Personalized recordings available for purchase. Specialties include: femme domme, femme demon, religious humiliation, feminization, feminist re-programming, small penis humiliation, cbt, and more.