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Laila Delight

*Horny Erotic Elf Goddess* On your knees please

Hello! I'm Goddess Laila and ready to play with you. I am a nonbinary queer genderfluid switch with a dripping wet pussy that loves dirty talk, bondage, deepthroating and orgies. I am attracted to many different types of people and as a pansexual polyamourous person I enjoy multiple romantic relationships.
I am here to dominate and direct you, to drive the fantasy you have always dreamed of. What do you really want, anyway?

Talk to me about your fantasies, fears and dreams. I want to know the real you, want you really want and how I can make you feel fucking fantastic. In addition to sumptuously sexual, I am extremely compassionate, empathetic and creative. I want to connect with you and leave us both feeling extremely satisfied. I love expressing my sexuality and invite you to my sensuous world. Serious squirter. I can suck on my own toes and practice regular self bondage. I could tie you up too. ;)

I love submissive men. You think you deserve to have me submit to You? Prove it, I only offer it to those I genuinely feel aroused by. Otherwise, your asshole is mine, slut.

My body and overall health are very important to me and my active lifestyle pays off in a fit physique. I am tiny but strong! I am often compared to gymnasts and other hardcore athletes. I do a little bit of everything and love surfing best of all.

I have short dirty blonde hair that I like pulled and big hazel blue eyes that change color depending on the color of the carpet that I am kneeling on while sucking your cock. My shoulders and back are muscled and tan from working outside, but my ass is white from the lack of nude beaches. Spank me till I'm red and wet, please.

I am really into getting other people off, tell me what you want to do and I'll paint us a picture with words that takes you too me, even though we're miles apart.

I do not tolerate the use of disrespectful and intolerant language/behavior. Transgender directed slurs such as "tranny" "ladyboy" "shemale" "heshe" and others are expressly forbidden and will result in zero positive reactions from me.

You may use he/she/they/xe/ze for pronouns, I don't really care. My identiy is fluid and my strongest preference is not to be called exclusively feminine terms such as "miss" "lady" and "gurl" Goddess, master, sir are acceptable when addressing me. I only accept subs and slaves who desire to regularly serve me. Send tributes BEFORE messaging or texting to entice my direct and immediate attention.

I love being cooking, getting presents and doing yoga. I am very passionate about food and wellness supported through solid nutrition. Please feel free to talk to me, intelligent communication is always sexy. ;)

Other kinky interests include femdom, CBT, findom, hair worship, cuckholding, breathplay, whips, hentai, and shibari Other vanillish interests include: nature, meditation, feminism, gender, and improv theater #switch #petite #blonde #androgynous #spanking #genderfluid #pussyplay #roleplay #bondage #polyamorous #relationshipadvice #masturbation #toys #Hitachi #forcedorgasms #dildo #oralsex #cock sucking #pussylicking #tan #fit #flexible #muscular #genderadvice #sexadvice #feet #foreplay #femdom #findom #sph #cei #sissy #cuckholding #bodyworship