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I don't give a fuck about you and I never will

I'm extremely pretty, spoiled, heartless, and men just disgust me. When did penises become the new vagina? You all are so weak, whinny, needy, insecure, and approval driven bitches. Don't bore me with your day. Who the fuck cares that you hate your dead end job? Your hopes and dream? Probably will never happen. Your life is mundane, boring, and pathetic. Which makes sense because, so are you. The fact that you're on this site paying to talk to me is so tragic it makes me laugh. But we both know I wouldn't talk to you unless paid anyway. There is no fucking way I would actually spend my free time talking to some lonely, miserable, piece of shit like you. Since I am here, you need to make it worth my wild. Humiliate yourself for my amusement, resist taking your punishment like a pussy, pay tribute in money and gifts, worship me by doing things you know I love but you absolutely hate. No excuses. I'm a cold hearted bitch who will constantly remind you just how fucking useless you are. Even writing this makes sick and pissed off. My time will not be wasted, so really think about whether or not you want this. RULES - Don't bore me, or I'll hang up on you - Don't complain, or I'll hang up on you - Don't give me a fucking attitude, or I'll hang up on you - Don't forget that you're nothing, or I'll hang up on you - Don't be shy, or I'll hang up on you - Don't ask me for shit, or I'll hang up on you - Don't forget to worship me like a goddess, or I'll hang up on you For the losers who get hung up on, your call will not be accepted until tribute is paid. As there will be many of you, come willing to pay a lot for me to consider fucking with you again.