Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

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You are not a are a toy. My personal toy to play with whenever my pretty little ass feels like it.

You know you've always dreamed of dating a hottie like me just never made the cut. Who knows why. Maybe it’s your panty wearing habit...or your small cock...or your bi-sexual tendencies either way the fact still remains; I am superior to you...and always will be.
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So you want to know a little about your new addiction...Mmm what would I like to share with the likes of you?

Well, My name is Chanel and I live in Atlanta, GA. I'm 28 years old and HOT. I’ve been on NiteFlirt for a little while now and I recently discovered that I have been playing it a bit too...nice. I've always been a bit bitchy my whole life and now I have a place where I can put it to use. The question is how much use will you be to me?
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You losers need to be down on both knees praising my sweet little ass and tongue tickling my tight asshole until I say stop.

I love putting my subbies in their proper place and making them feel helpless and weak when it comes to me. My goal is to make you disregard all logic and practicality and only concern yourself with pleasing me. That’s the way it should be right? I mean...look at me.
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I'm the perfection you’ve always dreamed about. I'm the dame that you would risk 20 years of marriage for. I'm 100% need me and my know it...
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Now, even though I know I am your new Goddess my first priority is to get to know my new servant. I need to figure out if you are worthy of a royalty like me. I also need to know what kind of a whore you truly are. Maybe you are like my ex- whose asshole I sold on BackPage...or maybe you and my current cuckold "girlfriend" have a thing or two in common. Either way it’s my job to get inside your mind...and fuck it! So don’t expect 5 minute calls with me. I love my calls just like I love my cocks...LONG.

Wanna know what makes my perfectly waxed pussy super soaked?


Financial Domination

Cross Dressers

Small Cock Humiliation

Body Worship

Just to name a few.

What kind of play thing are you?...I cant wait to find out. LUST,Chanel
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