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Married and ready to be your Mistress...

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Update**** I HAVE A NEW LISTING SPECIFICALLY FOR SERIOUS SUBS WHO WANT A TOTAL LIFE CONTROL GFE EXPERIENCE. If you call this one or any other lsiting asking for this- you will be directed there.-Love, Maia(8/12/16)

Have you ever been owned my someone who is "owned".

If not, its time you give it a whirl.

Hi, I'm Maia. I'm married and I live just outside of Atlanta, GA.

I am a woman who has mastered the art living a double life.

On one hand I am a loving house wife who makes great apple pie and long grocery lists....and on the other I am a sex vixen who loves to be in control and push all boundaries...

I discovered years ago (after I caught my husband cheating with a domme) that I had been playing everything far too safe.

I had had enough of following the rules. It was time for me to not only create my own..but insist that they are followed.

You are good at following rules?

What if I wanted you to worship my tits?
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My Ass...
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My married pussy
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What about my entire hot body?
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I want you to want need me...That is my goal here. I need to be your next addiction. I want to get inside of your mind and make myself at home.

That is what sets me apart...I need to know what makes you tick. It's something I care about. So if you're looking for a quickie. I'm not your gal.

Before you ask: Yes, I have been dominated before and I enjoy it. It just takes a special fellow to bring that out of me. Is that you? Are you man enough to make me submit? Or are you my next Cuck?
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These are some things that I love but am not limited to:
Sensual Domination
Hot Role Plays
Financial Domination
Ignore Line
Story Sharing of Any Kind
GFE Humiliation of Any Kind

There is alot to me. I am a very dynamic individual...and you will enjoy the process of pleasing me...
P.S I love coming home at night and having my hubby eat my pussy after its been freshly fucked....soooo fuckkinnggg addicting...He is behaving like a cuck without even knowing it=)
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Love Maia.
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