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Surrender yourself to me and my superiority

You will read my entire profile before messaging me. Any copy/pasted bullshit will be immediately deleted and only those who interest ME will find a response in their sad empty inboxes. I have no interest in meeting you. You disgust me and are not worthy of my presence.

You are a corporate pig. You work every day to make that money to fund your filthy lifestyle. The golden handcuffs close tighter around your wrists as your lifestyle forces your to work day in and day out just to fund it. But it doesn't bring you any closer to the release you're looking for. You sell your soul, your time, your mind, and your manhood to the highest bidder. But now you've found me:


Now you have a new reason to work every day. You only live to please me. Your sole purpose in life is to bring a smile to my face the only way that you can. You will worship the lifestyle that you will afford me. You are ensnared in my trap, little piggy. And the time is now, I deserve to live the free lifestyle that your weak resolve won't allow. I deserve to be spoiled by the work that enslaves you. I want to enslave you further. And I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT . You look at my pictures and pull out your pathetic last semblance of manhood:


You will beg me to release you from your pathetic corporate bondage and allow you to be enslaved. You will be cautious at first, as will I. But soon you will be completely ensnared in the finely woven net that I've cast just for you. You will beg me to release you, but I only release those that I CHOOSE to release. You will try to run away but soon I'll see you perving on my website again and again...I know who you are. You need me.