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CUCKOLDING: Your secret obsession

You can’t stop thinking about it, can you? Anytime, anywhere, those images just keep popping into your head.

You watch her as she carefully selects her lingerie, those sexy, silky, see-through items. Gone are the days of cotton panties - not since she unleashed her inner slut! Will she be texting you later, telling you not to wait up for her?

Oh, but you will wait up, won’t you? Spending every second just imagining what they are doing together, as you wait at home, stroking your throbbing cock.

You picture her - bent over a desk, her panties on the floor, her skirt pulled up over her bare ass, his big dick plowing into her from behind. Or perhaps she’s on her knees, clutching his big, full balls as she sucks him deeper and deeper down her throat. You get so instantly hard, you just have to start jerking off.

But cuckolding, by its very nature, is not meant to be a solo activity – it’s all about the sharing! What a huge turn-on and a great relief it is to be able to reveal your kinky, taboo desires to someone who truly understands them. And here I am, just waiting for you. So give me a call and let’s talk.

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