Phone Sex

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Let me show you Hell and Heaven!

"Bow before the Queen of Demons. The ProDominatrix. Maggot, you dare walk this line to me? You dare come this close? Lovely, let me burn you, slowly torture you so each individual nerve is on fire. You are here for my amusement. I'll take your wants into consideration, but know who you are serving and your place, beneath my beautiful feet!"

Every call and/or video is different, I tailor my specialties to your own person. I am very detail oriented. I have been a ProDom for 5 plus years.

My specialties include, BDSM & Fetish:

Humiliation: Verbal and otherwise- I bet you like pink panties, don't you? Of course you do, you look so lovely in them hehe!

Small Cock & Loser Embarrassment - Haha, awww what a sad sack of shit you are!

Mind Fucks (Fear Games, just ask about my demonic voice)

Ignoring - as I go about my day. You may observe, but I will not look your way. Eyes on my work.

Sensual Domination - Sweet, delicious, slave what will I ever do with you? Do you want me to dominate you? Want to feel good while I whisper in the most delicious tone you've heard? I'll make you fall on your knees!

Cruel Domination - Punk bitch, you don't know what you want do you? That's fine, because I know what's best! Dirty your knees before me slut! You are mine!

Confessions - What have you been up to you dirty slut?! I will pry it out of you, I will find out. Oh I know you are itching to tell me your dirty little secrets!

Pet Play: Oh! I love putting someone in a collar and training a good pet! I'll teach you the treating system! We will also train with all your lovely pet implements!

Foot Worship Services:

Trampling: It's a close up, you get to see all the little details of my beautiful feet. Nails, heel, pads, toes, anything on the feet you want to see, you will. I'll tell you how you'll be crushed, what it will feel like in detail.

Cleaning: Want to watch me clean my feet? I can either talk to you, or you can just watch. Might be time to treat my feet with a bath, scrub, mask, cutting my nails. Any or all of it. If you specifically want to see nail cutting, you'll have to book me fast. There are only so many times a I can do that before I have to wait for my nails to grow back!

Pedicure: Want to watch me paint my nails...slowly. Watch them dry while I talk to you. Want to pick the color? Perhaps I'll listen. Un-Pedicure: Oh no! My toes have paint on them and they need to get back to their perfect natural order. Watch me clean up the polish while we talk or while you just watch.

Teasing: I'll tease you about how you'll never be able to touch or taste my sweet foot flesh. How you'll never have the honor of sucking on my toes.

Role Playing

Are you a nerd? No, that's not meant as an insult, I'm a lover of all things anime, video games, or western cartoons too. RPing is something I love to do. Do you have a female villain that you've always wanted to be dominated by? How about a hero? A superhero even! How much fun could that be?

My favorites include World of Warcraft races, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Princess Zelda, Korra, Raven, and many more. Want me to do a Draenei OCC? I'm quite flexible. Have a character you want me to play? Send the info to me and I can tell you whether I know them or not. Pay me, and I'll learn ;)

For now all of the Video Game, Anime, and Cartoon RP is phone only. As I build up my costumes, it will become on camera as well.

I do not do anything submissive of any sort.

I offer for RP:

Dominating services as any character

Going on an adventure

The RPs I offer on camera or phone only are:



Brat/Brat's Victim



Clothing Selection

I will wear what I want, but if your taste aligns with mine, I might feel generous! I offer:



Goth Attire

Classic Sexy

Dominatrix Attire

My hard limits are:


Sexual Favors



Diaper Changing

Anything to do with Children

Breath Play