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Welcome to your fantasy.

Why down the rabbit hole? Because, even though Alice might have had her own, odd adventure.... That doesn't mean that's the only fantasy out there. That was just one of so, very many.

There is much I already know about, when it comes to role playing, and more so, about that fantasy world out there. Marvel, Star Wars, anime, video games.... I might not know all the ends and outs, but I know a lot. And those I don't know of, don't think I don't want to learn. Maybe even interest me enough to check it out after we end our call, so next time you come back, I'll be more prepared. No into those types of fantasies? No problem. Maybe you feel like there's a fantasy out there no one else has, but you really want. I'm here for you. Role playing is my specialty, and open to so much more than those other little groups out there. I just want you to have fun. Relax, enjoy our talk/s together. Of course, don't worry, bed room role playing is always on the table. Well, unless you want to pretend we're at the beach, or even on a cruise ship, or well, on a space station. After all, the only limit to our games would be your imagination.
So, follow MEW to your fantasy role play dream.