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What is hypnosis? “Hypnosis is a super relaxed state with enhanced susceptibility to suggestion.” (Desplace, P, Chairman, Hypnotic Foundation of Australia) What is fetish and erotic hypnosis? In very simple terms fetish or erotic hypnosis is a hypnosis session, conducted by a trained hypnotist, who introduces or focuses on BDSM, fetish or erotic elements to create an enhanced and more immersive experience.

Taster session – I offer shorter hypnosis sessions for those who are curious about how it feels to be hypnotised. Such a session will allow you to explore the process of being hypnotised in a safe, consensual environment. Using techniques I have learnt as part of my research, it is entirely possible for subjects to enjoy the full benefit of hypnosis during these shorter sessions.

As an element of my regular BDSM/fetish sessions – The act of hypnosis augments regular BDSM play. Hypnosis will normally take place at the beginning of the session and is used to provide an additional dimension to the subject’s existing fetishes. I usually allow at least 1 hour for a full hypnosis and play session.

Stand-alone hypnosis – This kind of session is for those who wish to undergo a fully immersive and unhurried hypnosis experience or for those who have an actual hypnosis fetish (something which is more common than you might imagine). Hypnosis is the core activity I will explore with you, however, it is also possible to incorporate additional fetishes to enhance the experience. For example, sensation play can create an added richness and intensity for the subject while they are in a trance state. Such a session will last around 30 minutes