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Small dick? :( Maybe you should just be a girl.

If your cock is under 6 inches, you might as well be a girl.

A man's size can make or break his woman's satisfaction. Women expect at least a 7 or 8 inch shaft, but bigger is better, obviously. New bullshit studies come out all the time, saying things like, "The average penis is 4 inches!" But come on, boys—we've all seen that South Park episode. You know that science is a male-dominated industry and male scientists are just trying to make themselves feel better. Ask any woman who's been with a good number of men, and she'll tell you the average is about 7 inches.

The Solution for Subpar Dicks

I've helped many boys take on the role of girlfriend to compensate for not being able to satisfy with their penises. It's okay if you're little! You just have to make up for it with your mouth and ass. Give me a call and I'll teach you how to dress, behave, and perform like your lady's new lesbian sex servant.

With my help, you can learn how to feel comfortable in your new panties, cook the perfect omelet, and even produce delicious breastmilk for your woman. You'll be able to submit to loving discipline and focus exclusively on lesbian sex staples, such as providing cunnilingus and manual stimulation to your lover.

I know it might be depressing, but the sooner you embrace that you can't satisfy a woman with your penis, the sooner you can start satisfying her other ways.