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Anesthesia Secret

hot-blooded sapiosexual born to fuck

erotic \ intellectual \ tender \ obedient \ nasty \ sensual \ unusual \ rowdy \ willing
role-play / fantasy / bdsm / pillow talk / confession / exploration
top \ bottom \ switch :: subject / object / predicate
pleasure or pain
:::: YES PLEASE ::: i am hungry for your desires

i'm made of insatiable lust, a wildfire mind, & magic. my blood is hot & my heart beats hard. i am both an earthly and sensual creature & an intelligent, sharp, articulate sapio-sexual. i am extremely empathic & telekinetic--even from as distance, which makes playing over the phone and even messaging extremely pleasurable for me.

my fascination with both primal sex and discursive play is authentic, passionate, and sincere. i've aways been enthralled by sexuality. kink, fantasy, bdsm, bi/pan sexuality, fetish, erotic hypnotism, role-play--sexual exploration is integral to my reality. i am experienced and confident with the sexual gamut-- and always open to discovering something new. i am dexterous and fall easily and pleasurably into dominant roles--but when the right dominant seizes me, i fall to pieces. when someone is smart and powerful enough to turn this mind of mine off, i give it all up. let's play. you won't regret it.

i am both down to earth and ethereal, with a sexual appetite and stamina that is rarely met. i'd love to get to know you, to establish connection, to discover what's authentic and kinetic about our chemistry together.

i want your darkest confessions--i promise... & my unbound willingness to comply is yours.

if you'd like to set the tone before you call, please message me. i am versatile ;) if you are curious about some more specific ways to play with me, please click my member name and visit my other listings or simply let me know what's on your mind.