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2 put it simply, 'polyamory' means 'many loves' or a non-monogamous relationship where u are involved with multiple lovers. Several researchers around the world are training their sights on this particular mode of relationship & they are also recording a rise in polyamorous relationships in several countries. Some say that it's the future of romantic love, others say it's just ethical non-monogamy where several relationship conventions are broken. In other words, 3 can be considered company sometimes! So if u feel u are polyamorous, ask urself these basic questions & read the signs: Difficulty in committing: Do u get anxious when the person u are in a relationship with presses for commitment? Do u always feel trapped in a monogamous relationship? Experts say that u should ponder over ur past relationships & gauge what kind of commitment issues from ur end had affected ur relationships. Loving more than 1 person at a time: Do u have feelings for more than 1 person at a time? For instance, u have a steady partner, but u find urself getting in2 steady emotional relationships with other people as well. It's not just sex: Experts say that there's a misconception that polyamorous relationships are just swinging with a strong accent on getting physical. But do u feel that u experience deep emotional connect with more than 1 person at any 1 point of time? Need more: Do u feel that 1 person in ur life cannot meet all ur needs? Do u think u like being in relationship with more than 1 person because they challenge u & because u have varied needs? Jealousy doesn't bother u: Do u feel that u'd be perfectly fine if ur partner sees other people? Have u wondered why jealousy doesn't bother u that much? If u feel okay on hearing that ur partner finds happiness in other relationships, u might be poly.