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I here for the pleasure of your punishment

I am a caring, decisive, emotionally and mentally stable woman. I am confident and secure with my dominance and I am OPEN about it. I am responsible, intelligent, generally patient and understanding. I want to have complete control all of the time (not an oscillating exchange of power), I view trust as the single most important ingredient in building a strong F/m D/s connection, I have a low tolerance for foolish, disrespectful or sexually orientated individuals (service oriented males are the only men i find remotely attractive), I do have an interest in BDSM activities but for me it is not about sex. It is about my personal enlightenment and self-expression (my artistic streak). I am more interested in TOTAL POWER EXCHANGE than kink although i am slightly sadistic (playfully so), I am extremely open minded and will give most things a go at least once - even the 'taboo'. this being said, my core limits are anything illegal that would jeopardise my future. I am a loving, humane woman (not a man abuser) so i will always take into consideration the needs of my man servant but ultimately, i will do what i want and/or believe is best for all involved. I will care for you, require you to be a better person and a better man, teach you to meet my needs perfectly, and i will NOT abandon you. I am a natural dominant - not a mistress wanting to play out 'scenes' with you, this is my chosen LIFESTYLE ( I do not hate men, I love them, I simply do not respect them as my equal ). I seek to enhance my life through 'unconventional' relationship dynamics because i am an 'unconventional woman'. You: you must have no emotional commitments elsewhere, be very settled in your submissive role (born to serve), never top from the bottom (this is unacceptable) are endlessly respectful and obedient, a passionate desire for chastity/cuckold, you will be intelligent and successful in your career (i like ambition and drive), you are financially independent and secure (i expect my men to provide for me), you will understand and accept that i will always have additional males in my life, you are honest and reliable at all times, you enjoy the pleasure of giving all that you have to give and the honour of providing for the woman in your life. I do not seek a 'brain-dead' doormat but I am only attracted to males who are 100% submissive and obedient. you will also be drug and disease free, healthy, fit, focused, clean, multi-skilled, have no criminal past or psychological problems. I seek only the very best. age is irrelevant (although I do prefer 25+), appearance is not really important but there should be a level of mutual attraction. I expect to be able to explore boundaries and would prefer someone with a curious nature. What i will always do is respect your limits and emotional, physical well being at all times. The reason i seek a slave and not a submissive is because I want a man who is free from his own agenda. I seem to attract nice looking men so I might be a bit of a catch *smile*. Looking forward to meeting you soon