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I'm just a girl of the 70's at heart. I'm natural and I like it that way! For anybody tired of fake sounding voices and ladies who try to fool you into thinking they're something they're not, I'm a very refreshingly different kind of gal. Tired of plastic surgeried faces and fake hair colors? Me, too! My hair is it's natural color...still! And I proudly still wear it long and natural. It's wavy, so it looks good, and it still shines like gold in the sun. Makeup not your favorite thing? In a day and time when almost black lipstick is popular, and black cat's eye makeup, you won't find that here! It looks good on some of the younger ladies, I would never insult my girls, but it's just not for me. I have naturally green eyes with a flash of reddish brown in the centers, and I like them that way. No colored contacts for me. I sometimes highlight them with a bit of mascara, but not much. My lips are almost never red, and they aren't puffed up by injections or anything like that. I usually wear clear gloss or no lipstick at all. I love classic rock and I don't mind admitting I am not much into modern "music". I remember bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, two of my favorites from the old days, and I wonder why there seems to be a shortage of those kinds of bands now. We lived in a special time, and I miss those days. Sex was great back then, but that CAN change with the times and be good! For a natural girl, I am still pretty open minded and won't balk at most any fantasy you have. And I enjoy men. I truly do. I am not submissive, I don't like being screamed or sworn at or physically abused. And I don't abuse men that way, either. But I CAN take the lead, if you like that. I'm just a versatile, open minded, music loving girl from the 70's who would love to take your fantasy and give you back an orgasm! Call me. Call Button