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TEEN Bratty Bitch *CBT*Humiliation*SPH*

Who let you out of your cage? Your plump, exposed ass flesh must be aching for the sting of my riding crop, you mangy little beast. Crawl to me - crawl like the worthless little maggot that you are. The lock on your cock cage jingles with each movement you make, reminding both of us who you belong to. I want you on your knees at my feet, your scrawny fingers mere inches from the spiked heels of my boots … It would be a shame if I were to suddenly stamp my foot on one of them, wouldn’t it, pet?

Your face is so close to my bald little teenage cunt; you can feel the heat of it radiating towards you, pulling you in like a magnet. I’ve just been fucked by one of my suitors and I know you're aching to lick his cum from my slit. I look down at you and smile, telling you to open your mouth. My spit hits you right in the face, warm and slippery, sliding into your mouth and making you beg for more. You’re so fucking pathetic, it’s no wonder I keep you in a dog kennel. I giggle and snatch up your leash, your choke collar tightening at your throat as you struggle to keep up with the clicking of my heels along the hardwood floor.

Your body belongs to me, and you will take everything I give you and beg for more. I will put you on your knees where you belong and fuck your face until your eyes are watering and you are choking and gagging on my strap on like the greedy little cock gobbler that you are. I’ll bend you over and ram it so far up your bitch pussy you’ll be begging me for more. I know you are desperate to worship cock almost as much as you are desperate to worship a gorgeous, spoiled, teenage Goddess like me!
I know the ache you have to belong to someone – and not just anyone, but to me. I know you crave more than some verbal abuse and permission to cum. You need someone who will own you; you need someone who understands what it means to crush you beneath my boots and whips only to breathe life back into you with that addictive giggle and the way I bite my lip as I watch you sacrifice your body for my amusement.