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Brat bi sub wanting taming - or someone to tame.

Bratty bi sub (usually) -- I like to be tamed, but I also sometimes like taming, so watch out! I'm up for most things except ageplay and scat. Bondage, public play, writing and speech restriction put me straight into subspace. Pain, spanking and being manhandled and controlled make me soaking wet. I like slow foreplay, rough sex, and being teased until I beg. Being shoved down on a cock is the best, except maybe being choked and fucked from behind until I scream, while twisting back to see your face. Fight me, leave marks for me to remember you by, and we'll both win... I can also be on top, though -- people writhing in pain make such pretty noises. I like pulling hair and spitting on you just as much as I like it being done to me :-) I'll beat you, scratch you, then pull your head down and ride your face until I come. Maybe if you're doing a good job, I'll allow you a few seconds to breathe... I'm still discovering my kinks -- I first dipped my toe in the water on the London scene where I discovered I loved getting spanked in public, and now my girlfriend and boyfriend are making me realise I'm into things I never thought I would be. While I was single, I'd channelled my libido into writing porn -- needleplay, violence, humiliation and hatesex, cuffs, knives, face-slapping, fights for dominance, pain, love and vulnerability. I get off on the contrast between affection and violence, on the vulnerability of submission, and of course on being teased until my thighs are wet, then used as a fucktoy until I come screaming :-)