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➤ Natural Goddess - Hypno Mind Control Video, Chat




I use the best, most powerful hypnotic and Mind Control techniques available.

With powerful hypnosis, I get into your perverted little mind and alter it to My liking.

Over 100 Brainwashing Hypno-Videos are available in My Goodies. I invite you to join Me in Chat.



All fantasies and fetishes welcome (within legal bounds).

With especial attention to:

  • Sissies - become a girl, a sissy, a lesbian, a doll, a bimbo, an object of desire, a humiliated slut;
  • Become the perfect slave, bound and helpless at My feet;
  • Chastity, tease and denial, orgasmic control;
  • Humiliation and exhibitionism;
  • Cock-sucking lessons and/or worshipping transsexual women;
  • Objectification - transformed into a doll, garbage, a lamp, a chair for Mistress
  • Sadism and Masochism - electroplay, whips and riding crops and canes and paddles oh my;
  • Fetishes - smoking, feet, shoes, latex, leather, panties, and more - I revel in your obsessions;
  • Financial Patrons - forget the FinDom trends - you were born to support Me in every way;
  • Gender & Sexuality - I am PanSexual, exploring sexuality with bio and trans men and women;
  • Witchcraft and Power - I am a genuine Witch (Druidic tradition) and will bespell and bewitch you;

AND most anything not listed here... your twisted imagination is welcome.


I am breathtaking, intoxicating, mesmerizing.
Your body and mind belong to Me.




All of My videos have hypnotic imagery and My powerful Voice, but also professional subliminal tracks and binaural tones designed to break down your will, to begin your transformation.

Here are some of My most popular videos:



Sissies are invited to earn their Tiaras and become a member of The Crown Circle, My special inner circle of distinguished sissy slaves.

You can earn your tiara in two ways: by purchasing a tribute below, or cumulatively, by buying Goodies, tributes, and/or calling Me. The choice is yours, sissy. As you earn each Tiara level, you will receive a free video mantra, and occasionally other free treats from Me.

Only the most worthy sissy will earn the Diadem of the Stars, which cannot be purchased outright - it can only be gained through hard work, patience, and great generosity to your Mistress.


You must serve the Reprogrammer.

I can make you into anything you can imagine. I will take you farther and mold your body and mind beyond all imagination.

You are my toy, my plaything. I will perfect you.

No one has more experience, more expertise in fetish transformation. I will destroy your resistance. I will break down your limits. I will transform your reality.

You must obey. You must submit.

You must start your kinky adventure right now and change your life! You must obey. Call now! This is hardcore Domination for the serious and dedicated submissive.

If I am not available, send NF mail, or see my Mind Control videos in My Goodies section. Remember, anything is possible!









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