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Satanic Mechanic

EVIL WOMAN WANTS U 4 EVIL: Sunday Sacrileges

Taking sin to the next level. Call me to apply as my next wicked project. Guaranteed to turn, twist and taint your soul right down to your balls. I know your secret fetishes are over the top, and only a sinner like me can go there with you. Blasphemy and deviant sex. Sounds like the perfect plan to me.
This Sunday I will violate the Sabbath, the most holy day of the week, and you will sacrifice to me. I demand it. I am stealing your soul tonight! Feel your dick under my power. I own you now and forever! This year, you will be charged with learning every perversion I demand, that charge is invading your balls even as you read this, you are losing now. These perversions will begin arriving in your email and occurring in your dreams. Call Button
Cum on the Bible while thinking about fucking the minister’s wife and daughters. Fuck your ass with a Jesus doll. Prowl the streets looking for boys to suck off-- Baptism in p*ss, yours or another Pro Domme of my choice. Making the sign of the cross in cum on your forehead. Call Button
You will desire many people in my service and you will try to fuck them all, every single one. As soon as your dick gets hard, you are ready to serve me. Call Button YOU MUST OBEY ME COMPLETELY. You must masturbate for at least an hour before you call me or one of my tapes. You have no choice because I will crush your resistance.

NOTE: I don't respond to emails unless there is a tribute attached. My regulars are important to me here and queries from strangers can't be allowed to distract me.