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You'll cum all undone for me.

There is a certain disposition of particular interest to me. But who am I, you ask? I AM THE CADENCE THAT WILL DRIVE YOUR BIORYTHMS, HENCEFORTH: I am a processor of spiritual crisis unrivaled, chaos made flesh, with a direct line to the divine tapped to my cranium. I am a Goddess, a Communicatrix possessed of a particular blend of schadenfreude and humor, seeking those who wish to unravel themselves under My tutelage. We will laugh, and we will scream, and we will all come undone. Eris made herself known to me several years back, and has returned all those favors which I do in her service to me a hundredfold. Be aware that serving Me is serving Eris in one of Her (My) infinite incarnations- and thus, My requests may be wild. They may seem obtuse. They will always have a purpose beyond your wildest fantasies. My program is an immersion, a re-teaching of the eye and mind and body to work in concert. Wild life experience and years of study have allowed me to garner a unique and thorough understanding of the intricacies of interpersonal interaction, and I serve equally as a disciplinarian and a beacon of erotic motivation. Come to me when you need your beliefs challenged. Come to me when you need your foundations rocked, come to me when you need understanding that strikes chords across multiple levels of meaning. Come to me when you desire to be optimized. I am now accepting sluts and losers who wish to infuse their life with salacious possibility. You've been warned!