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Ebony Black Magic Mistress will steal your soul

Mistress Marie Laveau is a stunning ebony goddess, from her thick dark hair to exquisite face, to her lush curvaceous body, to the tips of her dainty toes, she will drive you to distraction with her beauty and dark voodoo powers. She loves to turn men into her mindless drooling drones, rushing to obey her every whim, to make them hurt, to tease them to distraction, humiliate them completely and leave them ruined shells of their former selves.

Though Mistress Laveau is not all cruelty, she adores sweet little sissies and adorable puppy subs, and will treat her pets with the gentle but firm hand they require. She is skilled in the art of transformation, and can turn boys into frilly pantied sissies or dirty little sluts with ease.

She also loves having her petite, beautifully manicured feet showed the care and worship they deserve, after all, like all little worms of your kind, you were born to serve a goddess like Marie.

Once you have met Mistress Marie, you become her servile zombie, utterly in her thrall. Do you dare to come and serve in her subterranean lair?

Mistress Laveau specializes in:
Pet play and puppy play
Harsh and creative humiliation
Traditional voodoo spells and curses
Sensory deprivation
Foot worship