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Pretty Lacy Panties Phone Sex


I cater to my phone sex man I will fulfill all of your needs. Let me start by greeting you at the door. Kiss you softly; you are my phone sex man. I will take your coat and free your hands. I loosen your tie and slide off your shirt. I give you a relaxing message, by candlelight, with my scented oils. Just relax your wish is my command. I will massage your feet with warm oil. You are my phone sex man, and mine to spoil. I want to show appreciation for everything you do. I will ease your fears and take away all of your stress. Anything for you, I want to give my best to my phone sex man. I cater to every wish and demand with no questions asked. Turns me on when I see my phone sex man enjoying the physical pleasures I do to him. It is all about your happiness.

About Me

I’m Mistress Southern Belle 69, but you can call me Belle. I thought that it would be delightful if I introduced myself. I have nearly five years of experience in the sex industry–working as a model, an exotic dancer, porn actress, phone actress, and dominatrix. I’m 25 and I’ve been a Domme for the past four years. I am a sophisticated, southern, taboo phone sex woman that gets pretty raunchy over the phone when exploring sinful, perverted fantasies and fetishes with you. I have great inter-personal communication skills. I do phone sex because I truly love it. I enjoy talking sexy to men and women who want to confess all of their fantasies and fetishes to me. My southern charm and sensual voice will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to experience intense explosions that leave you breathless. I will excite you and entice until you just can't take it anymore. I'd say that phone Sex is my addiction, as I can’t reach a high *wink-wink* unless there is a sexy voice on the other end of the phone. I am a fantasy artist and I am not afraid to dig in and get my hand dirty… if you know what I mean *wink-wink*.

Pretty Lacy Panties

Whether you’re sniffing them, stroking them, wearing them or like when others wear them, you know that a woman’s panties are the closest thing she has to her sexiest, most sacred of parts. Lace, silk, mesh or cotton; thong, bikini, boy-short, crotchless or briefs; fresh and clean from a drawer, laying dirty in a hamper, or worn snug across her hips, you just can’t get enough.

Did you go on panty raids at camp? Do you have wild, sensuous and silky panty fantasies? Do you love the delicious texture, the strong smell of panties, or just the knowledge that panties are something special and erotic that turns you on? Do you enjoy stealing panties from other people’s drawers or hampers, give me a call.

I’ve been Jogging. I’ve been hiking. I’ve gone days without bathing. And it’s all for you. My panties are the ripest they’ve ever been and I can’t wait for you to smell them. You get to smell and taste me in my rawest form for days.

I caught you red-handed! I’ve had my suspicions about you, but I was never able to prove them until now. It all started a few months ago. I noticed that a few pairs of my panties went missing. I simply thought that I had misplaced them, so I started searching all over my bedroom. When I opened my panty drawer, I saw that they were all out of place, as if someone had been standing here and going through all of them. A few of my favorite lace and silk panties were even missing. That’s when I immediately thought about YOU!

Give me a call panty boy and I can make all of your dreams come true.

I want to hear about all of your panty fantasies. Do you get aroused sniffing panties while confess your panty fetish to your phone sex woman? You can tell me about the way they feel on your nose and how they smell when you breathe that scent in.