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Who wants to be my little fucktoy?

We go to dinner. You pull up outside of my apartment and I descend the stairs wearing a short, tight black dress. Your cock hardens at the sight. You squint to see if I'm wearing panties but you can't tell. I get into the car. My perfume permeates the air. You want to bury your cock into me but you know I won't let you until I say the magic words....I stroke your cock through your pants on the way there.

Through dinner, you're the perfect gentleman. You pull out my chair, you listen, you give me compliments, you pay for the've been a very good boy. I'm ready to reward you. With pink full lips almost touching your ear, I whisper "Give me your hand." You look at me and your dick twitches excitedly. You manage to whisper "Yes Goddess." I smile devilishly, take your hand and slip it up my thigh to the red laced thong. You can feel the lace on your fingers as you reach my warm pussy. I guide your fingers with my own to move aside the lace.....

You rub your fingers against my clit and you feel how soaked my pussy is when you slip a finger inside. I close my eyes and moan. Your other hand moves to your swollen cock, and you secretly rub your dick through your pants. I open my eyes and say "take your hand OFF." Immediately you move your hand. "Didn't I say not to touch your dick until I say so?" You nod. "But you didn't listen to me." You shake your head and look down. "Stand up." I lead you to the back room. In the secluded room, I tell you to lay on your back. Heart thumping through your chest, you look up at me while lying on the floor. "Now usually I would punish you, but today I am in a good mood. I will let this one offense slide because I know you watched exactly what I told you to watch last night and I am very pleased. I wanted you to watch that video and you obeyed my commands. And for that, instead of punishing you, I will reward you. Would you like that?" You are relieved and practically shout "Yes Goddess!" "Good, peasant. Now close your eyes and wait for what I have in store...."
Want more? Call me. The great thing about me is I can give you whatever you want. Goddess, office mistress, sexy slut, stranger on the beach, lover, girlfriend, girl next door, your wife's best friend....I can be whoever you want and we can fuck where ever you want. Let your imagination take you on a ride while I play with my clit and moan in your ear. I love sex and I love the fantasy that comes with it. Do you have secrets baby? Mmmmm tell me, I wanna know. I can listen to your stories and fantasies or I can share my own. I am your sexy clay, that you can bend and mold into whatever you desire. Come fuck your creation baby, I wanna hear you cum in my ear. So whip out your cock...and stroke it to the sound of my voice....
I'm new to Niteflirt but not new to fucking. You'll have me on your mind all day tomorrow. Call me.

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