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Delilah M

Extra Strong Orgasm - Seduce Me - Let's Do It Now

The Art of Adult Conversation with The Courtesan Delilah M
A beautiful erotic story with an explosive finish awaits you! Ask me about Hypno-Sex-Relaxation-Orgasm for a mind journey that feels real because it is! Load up cash into your account, get naked, get comfortable and call me. I'll do the rest.
Enjoy Listening to The Courtesan and her Lover
Even if you do not see the phone line turned on I am here everyday. I am an expert at Electronic Sex and Erotic Journeys of the Mind to Body Connection. I have a wonderful group of secret erotic partners with whom I spend time on NiteFlirts. Will you join me?

Send me an introductory Email and let see what cums up!

The Courtesan has a quick wit and is smart. Seduce her or be seduced by her.
Trance Journeys are a true vacation.

Intelligent & Sophisticated, Graduate School Education

She emerges, hidden and exposed,
Smooth garter clinging to a shapely thigh
Which bursts out from a flowered skirt
Pulled back in free and sexy disarray.
Lips succulent and full,
Their siren call enhanced by bright red gloss
That draws the eye’s involuntary kiss.
Gaze shielded from view
Thoughts and impressions sheltering behind
Dark opaque walls.
Who is she, what chariot brought her here?
What designs stir in the depths behind that serene face?
So much is concealed, some mystery
Draws energy from deep within that leaves my soul for hers.
I don’t know why, I can’t say how
Of one thing only am I sure
Her name: It is Desire.

I am looking for you.

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Come take an erotic journey. Using my voice and your mind, thoughts and feelings I will lead you far and deep into the land of sensual delights. An orgasm awaits you at the clearing, at peak of your journey. An orgasm which will be all that you hoped and dream of. Filling you with wave after wave of bliss. Even more that you can imagine at this moment. Come take the journey with Delilah M and find out for yourself. The real time journey starts with your call.

Experience the Sensual Sensorium - Erotic Relaxation - Powerful Explosive Orgasms

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Attention to detail
Smart ~ Sexy ~ Sizzling
Here for You

Conversation is the art of talking and listening. I am a superb phone companion. During our call I will give you all my attention and more! I will be there 100% for you. On the talking side, I have a very expressive, unique, sexy voice.

I'm smart and I love people, both men and women. I am a keen observer of both so don't be surprised if I really become that women you wanted to talk to over the phone. That's not because I am acting or faking, it's because I understand her and can tap into her personality in myself. If you can't quite follow that the way I said it, once you talk to me you will. This is both my promise and my warning to you (... with a wink & smile) when you couple my voice with my creative, erotic mind, you'll be addicted! If you don't believe me. let's chat and you'll find out!

Slow and Sensual or Down and Dirty? Your choice, I enjoy both. If you let me know how much time you have to spend in conversation, I can focus the mood and pace our time so it ends in a mind blowing orgasm. With a smile, I confess I'd love to give you the winning lotto numbers but I can't. What I can give you is a mind blowing orgasm! After that we'll both smile , sharing a few words of pillow talk before we go back to everyday reality.
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After one call you'll be coming back for more and remember it's not if but when!
SKYPE ID Available - I watch only. It's very sexy and a real turn on when you perform for me.
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Here's to talking with you.