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Your GFE with a Twist…




Soon you will be addicted to wanting to hear my voice or my laugh.  And then I will have you right where I want you, and I do want you. 

I want you to be my guy and I will be your perfect cuckolding girlfriend.  Are you ready? I hope so.  I want to get to know you.  I want you to have someone you can call to talk about your day or issues you may be having.  I want us to have intelligent conversations as well as silly ones.  You can share your deepest secrets, dreams, etc with me.  There is no judgement!

You will have a virtual *GFE that makes you want to worship me and adore me even if I desire to share my body with other men from time to time.  You are ok with that because deep inside you just want me to be happy.  You know you make me happy but you know us girls, we can be very greedy. 

I have always dated older men.  Why?  Because many have lived such rich & interesting lives and I love listening to their trips down memory lane.  Some just wanted a companion, someone to dine with or chat with.  They enjoyed seeing me get excited when spoiling me with a present or trip or fancy restaurant just to see my reaction, experiencing it through someone elses’ eyes.   Some could no longer get hard and just wanted to worship my pretty pussy, boobs or feet, whatever.  Some just wanted to watch me having sex with guys my age that were hung and had stamina.   Through those relationship I learned dedicating your life to that work can get pretty lonely.  No one should ever feel lonely. 

With that said, I would love to sensually tease and humiliate you about being my little cucky and if you have a tiny or average cock I will take possession of it, tease it and make it squirt when I want it to and not before.  Will all our calls be about sex, probably not.  I want to get to know you deeper and not just on a sexual/sex level.  I want to be that voice you hear wishing you luck just before an important meeting or just before you drift off to sleep wishing you sweet dreams.

*Remember a TRUE GFE would be the nagging and complaining that eats away at a relationship.  With us there is none of that. 


Ah and let me just say, if all you are seeking is some dirty talk to blow your load then what I am describing/offering here, isn’t for you, nor are you what I am seeking.